2022 Exhibitors

This show hosts over 120 exhibitors who represent all aspects of art, crafts, and products proudly made in Michigan. Since the beginning, our exhibitors have been at the core of our show, always committed to the highest professional standards. Our exhibitors are an integral part of your Shelby Township Art Fair experience and are chosen for the quality and variety that they bring to the fair.  Each exhibitor must create their own works and products.  Resale items are not permitted in this show.


Email Jessica Thomas at shelbyprm@shelbytwp.org or phone 586-731-0300

with questions or to have an application mailed or emailed to you 

Want to see who exhibited in 2021?  Download the 2021 Shelby Township Art Fair Guide here  

2021 Shelby Township Art Fair Award Winners

Best of Show      Sue Zarins

Audrey Ratterman Memorial Award      Marshelia Williams

Judge’s Excellence Awards

Otis Harville      Dallas Galbraith     Pamela Lemons     Kenn Vidro     David & Carol Diem